Humanity - A mother love could be like this and other side a cruelty could be like this

Article On Humanity -Hows people has cruel behavior in Today's world.

Alright world,Lets start with an incidence that I saw by myself and felt also, let's start.

It happened that when I was at my village house, usually I live in the city in connection with my work but in that time i was in village.

So, just like I told you I was at my village house and thus one day I just got out and stood near the wall of my house and it was evening time when I was looking around there.

Then a voice came around, common catch it catch it common. then I just  saw a cow with her calf run into our street and she was keep running and then stopped at abandoned  plot near by us. Later on  those people who were heard, shouting catch her catch her i saw them running behind that cow and her calf.

 After that i saw  two women from them were talking that we would lay a net of this cow's calf and put a rope around her neck and will take it home with us but will leave her mother here.

At that time, I was thinking how much poor thinking has happened to us and this world, they do not feel any pity, because they are trying to separating a mother with her children.

If she takes this calf, will she be able to live without her mother or her mother without her. If it is to be carried and to nurse, then why do not you take both. How cruel the world has become.

As a matter of fact, the cow had come from the nearby forest, she had given birth to that calf somewhere there in the forest and she wandered here or around then came to the village. And the poor thing she got stuck in those greedy peoples.

So now my family members also  have come out to see what is going on. Then the family asked one of them whats going on  and after knowing the issue said to them, why don't you take both of them to take and to nurse it. Then they said that we can raise only one person and that too we need a calf because it will give milk when calf will grow up, then we can sell milk as well and we can use it for ourselves as well . secondly her mother cost will be very expensive for us to nurse her .

Then they did not listen, and started catching that calf through a rope. But that calf would go and hide behind her mother again and again, like that calf were saying save me from these animals(cruel humans)

Then both of them start running around, but they do not come in their clutches. But once those people got that chance when they took that calf in their clutches. They separated the cow from the calf and drove away a little, but the calf still seemed to run after her mother, but they were standing there, they do not let her go. Then she would go away and call her calf and look at it and in response, she also used to make a loud noise by calling the mother and running here and there.

Then, while walking like this, they put that calf around her neck and took that calf.
But after a bit of struggle, she managed to escape by releasing the rope from her hands and those people also ran after her.

Then after going at some distance they caught that calf finally and dragged that calf forcefully to their home In fact calf was struggling not to go with them but those people didn't felt any pity on them then dragged her to their home .

 Thereafter calf and her mother both was kept calling each other. But those ruthless people took that calf to their home without even a little pity.

It was going to be dark by evening, then I went inside my house.We were all sitting at home, but then for  long we kept hearing the voices of that cow calling to her child.

I was feeling very sad to see and hear that mother's voice. Then it was time for my prayer and I went to my room but I was unable to concentrate, then I closed my eyes ,said in my mind, Lord, please help this cow and calf. After prayed for them  i have started to focus towards God.

Then after a while, I realized that the voices of both of them stopped, then after we had dinner and we slept and i felt something good like it must be something better happen with that cow and calf because they were stopped calling each other .

then it was morning and it was revealed that people there were upset and asked them to leave that caught calf because of  calf was not stopping to call her mother and to each other.

 So both of them went to their forest together. An finally after heard this ,I was very happy to hear this and i thanked to God, as he had listened to me.

Thus Like that, ended this sentence(incident).

Incident- Extract or Moral

I thought, A mother love could be like this in animals as well and those who taught us that we should treat with everyone with  love and even that cow and the calf did not even try to hurt them.
so they taught us great.
 And on the other hand, there is a cruelty could be like this which i saw  in  people who were trying desperately to separate an animal from her child .
Have we fallen so much? we should think.



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