Palestine Disappears From Google Maps And Apple Maps? .truth or lie? was Big Rumor

There is false story revolving  in the world ,Palestine Disappears From Google Maps And Apple Maps.
Actually it was never there in the first place.

Several people complained that Palestine has disappeared from both Google Maps and Apple Maps with no official statement from both companies. The move apparently came while Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to establish West Bank annexations that have already triggered global criticism with many countries calling it ‘human rights violation’. The years-long Israel-Palestine conflict has been further spiralling since Netanyahu’s coalition government is appearing to not lose any time moving forward with the plans that considerably weaken the Palestinian Authority. 

People Responding on False/old things :-

#FreePalestine has even started trending on Twitter since people started discovering that there is “No Palestine” on both Apple and Google maps.  Thousand of internet users are not only posting screenshots of both smartphone applications that are not showing any results to ‘Palestinepalestine’ but are also expressing their frustration with the move while also tagging the company’s accounts and demanding answers. Few even shared an image of old maps where Palestine is prominent and covers most of the area.

Below can see as well.

How It started over the Social Media .

The claims that it was removed appear to stem from a viral Instagram post by a user called “Astagfirvlah” on Wednesday, which accused the technology giants of “officially removing” Palestine from their maps.


Apple and Google have been accused of deleting Palestine from their online maps, despite it never being labelled in the first place.

It is not the first time Google has been accused of removing the name Palestine from its popular map service.

In 2016, a petition claimed that all mention of Palestine “was removed at the insistence of the Israeli government,” adding that “Google’s two Jewish founders have close links with Israel and its leaders.”

Dispute commencementet :-The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is the ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the mid-20th century and still ongoing.

Now The Fact is this is dedicated to dispute boundary state and Disputed boundaries are displayed as a dashed grey line. The places involved don’t agree on a boundary.

Typing Palestine on Google maps will also point you to an approximate location - but no markers. A thin, grey line marks boundaries of a disputed, occupied region.

I don't think here need to  spread false things against anyone

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