Humanity Episode Alexander was never Great | he was cruel and ruthless- Actually was a Cruel king

Truth over Cruelty and Ruthless.

Alexander , i guess everyone knows him in this world and commonly known by the name of Alexander the great.

He was as a king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedon.

The one who wished that he should rule the whole world and to fulfill this desire he made a big army and got out to show his cruelty . But it cannot be called greatness at all, when an emperor answers on bloodshed for personal will, it can be called only cruelty not greatness at all.

It is said that he ruled almost the whole world except India, he could not rule in India. Its expansion is hidden in the history , with the pretending that he and his army were tired.

Whereas, it cannot be considered because it does not digress by coming so close to your dream that is why it does not digest . His fact was hidden in history.

While he lost in India, he had to return there due to Chanakya's and Purus's diplomacy. Chankya was great diplomat who helped India to get rid of Alexander from India.

An epidemic was spread throughout his army, from which he fell ill and thus ended up with an incomplete dream.

But was he really great? i don't  think so he was great .In-fact he was just cruel emperor?

He cannot be great, how can he be great who has done so much blood shed or blood bath? Who caused destruction all over the world. That too unwanted destruction. 

He spread destruction all over the world only to fulfill his one wish and an unwanted dream. Such an emperor can only be a bloodthirsty, can never be great and even I can never consider him great.

To fulfill his ambition, who shed the blood of so many people, including the general public. He also exploited so many innocent people in which murder, rape, murder, looting and many houses were destroyed, the families of the people were destroyed and the whole city, villagers were destroyed, etc and many more such type of cruel work was carried out and it Can also be said to be very detestable.

Would we call such an act of greatness that killed humanity only to fulfill his personal desire.
that cant be great.

The great emperor does not work for himself, but for the good of the people, and that is the great one who fights for the other and sacrifices the same.

 Alexander could never be great, he was a bloodthirsty. And anyone will go to hell even after so much cruelty .

And in the end, even after getting so many victories, he was destined to replace a grave. Even after getting so much, he could get something that he found and that was  just hell.

In the end ,He was never great because he was bloodthirsty and cruel only. Because such an emperor can never be great.
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