Google trends

Today most searched topic in google or most searched Topics on google.

Here i can take you to the tour of most searched topic on google , lets go through one by one and see the list .

1.Google Meet .

Google launch an application meet which is also known as Hangout . this is actually a version of Hangout . its also the most searcher topic on google on this time .This is for anyone who would like to create multiple video meetings.Here can Invite up-to 100 participants this is built for secure business meeting .this is also best software for people business .

2.Corona Virus .

Corona virus is a pandemic disease which is very searchable on google and trending on top because of current situation is very bad in the world . People also searching on Corona vaccine as well .  

3.YouTube .

YouTube is a social networking american video sharing platform .This is owned by Google  from a Pay Pal employee .Today YouTube is become most popular video sharing application in the world .
this site is most searched topic in the google as well.


Facebook is an american social media platform also very popular in the world now . Today Facebook is most searchable on google or much used for chat and sharing for memories .This is also fall in most searched topic in google category as well. Facebook platform provide very user friendly platform .


Instagram another popular social media platform used for videos and photos sharing .This online service also now owned by Facebook . this is very simplest and very famous on social media .


Gmail is an America email platform also very popular in the world .this is free email service developed by Google . it also most searched in the search engine as well.


Who Doesn't know Google today . Google also an American multinational technology who provide free search engine services and internet related product services as well. Today's google is most popular search engine become in the world .

8.Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is an American President who become most searched topic in now days . Because of current situation of COVID 19 . Trump always in news in these days because of their relation with china , china talk and conspiracy  in these days .this is the also most searched topic on google .

Weather is most searchable thing as well on Google .Weather condition always make your life in advance to take decision , to your travel things and much more .


When we think about shopping or online shopping , most of the time people search about Amazon. which is also quiet popular online shopping platform nowadays .

11. Online-Shopping.

Online word also quiet searchable word in the  google . Online shopping very famous in these days ,people use various websites to save their time via online shopping .

12.Google Translate.

Google Translate is also very easy things can use on google to translate from one language to another language . Google provide the application for mobile services a swell . its also very easy and famous topic which is searchable most of the time on google.

13.Google Docs.

Google docs also provided by Google which is used for to prepare your documents with using inbuilt excel//word/table or more . its very easy and presentable application provided by Google .


Netflix is very famous for to watch latest web series and many more other videos by paying very cheap rent on per month .Netflix getting popular more and more for the latest web series , videos and for latest movies . it become the most searched topic on google.

15.Google maps.

Google maps provide the web mapping service , real time traffic services , navigation services , panoramic views and much more . this is very easy user friendly app.

16.Google Drive.

Google drive is a file storage application to store different kinds of files on their servers .In theses days google drive also people used a lot as well .


Twitter is very famous social networking site , which might be trending on Top in these days . Most of celebrities used twitter most of the time . Twitter also in the top list on google search engine and must be on all search engines as well.

18. LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an American business and employment oriented online service platform , which is very helpful to people to connect with other people for their business and to generate Jobs or get notified for the jobs . People searched a lot  on google nowadays as well.

19.Sushant singh Rajput.

Sushant singh Rajput is an Indian actor who suicide in his 34 year young age . this case also become an mystery and police and other investigating department continuing running to resolve this mystery .this is also most searched topic on google nowadays as well.


Indian Premier league is a cricket premier  league which is very famous in all over the world . due to corona-virus it got postponed in theses days . people search and must be curious to know when it will be going to organize  people eyeing in the sponsor of IPL as well that who will be the new IPL sponsor as well.. 

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