How to make YouTube Videos and YouTube Channel - A complete startup guide for Beginners

YouTube Videos and YouTube Channel Startup Guide.

In Today's time who doesn't want to be earn or extra money and who doesn't want to be famous .If you have Talent , if you have creative ideas ,if you have passion for some good content then you should go for YouTube .

YouTube is the most popular social website in the world . its 2nd most visited site in the world .so if you looking for as a carrier or looking for part time Job then you just need to create YouTube channel and go with your talent  for your YouTube Videos
YouTube Channel and Videos

Here are the YouTube channel startup steps you may follow .

GMAIL Account Needed.

 Must have Gmail Account to open up a YouTube Channel.if you have existing Gmail account then skip this part and you may sign in directly to YouTube Site and follow my "create channel" steps which are written below.

To Open up GMAIL Account--

Visit GMAIL website and then select Create account or Sign up


Fill the required information as mentioned below such as First/Last name ,Choose username of your choice , then put your Password and then Next.

Now don't forget to add Cell Number because its necessary for verification .Google will send verification msgs to your provided cell number to verify your account and even this cell number help you to get verified for YouTube channel as well.

After using above steps you will Get your GMAIL account and now time to move to the next part , create YouTube Channel.
Now Sign In to YouTube website with the use of your new or Existing Gmail Account.

How to Create YouTube Channel.

After Sign In below window will appear and on right corner click on logo or Gear icon . .example"Surinder Pal" then a drop down window will appear .
Now Click on highlighted option Create channel.

Below window will appear and click on Get Started.

Choose your channel name, it could be your user name or you can customize your name by choosing different name accordingly.

After choosing custom option  below windows will appear ,now enter your channel name accordingly.and click Create .

After taking above actions or after choosing a channel name , below window will appear . here you can choose or upload your profile picture .

and after scroll down more to down side you will get some informative boxes which you need fill such as your channel descriptions and add some social sites links as well if you want then click Save and continue .

now Your Channel is Ready.

How to add YouTube Video.

After create the channel .Here you can learn how to add videos to your channel. its quiet simple to add videos .You can see on top right corner , next to your channel logo there is a "+" sign as  you can see on below pic .now yo have to click it and then you will get 2 options there as showing below .
1.Upload Video.
2.Go Live.

Simply click on "upload video" to upload your videos and if you want to go "Live "  through your channel then click on "Go Live".

Things to do while Uploading a video.

While Uploading videos , you need to add "Title" of your video .
You can Add Description of your video.
You must add some label or Tags in your video . 
All these drop-boxes will appear when you will start Uploading video . its simple.

Tour of YouTube Studio.

Here let me take you to YouTube Studio Guide . It gives you many options which helps you to manage your channel accordingly .Here many things you can get to learn . so lets go for it .

Click on your Channel Logo and window will appear then click on "YouTube Studios " option.


 So later you can see below page will open with that name of "STUDIO".And here YouTube will give you many options as you can see on below picture .

Option Dashboard.

This will give you Overview of your channel .such as How many Subscribers you have , it shows some notifications . Your videos with Rank wise. you can see some news or any notifications displaying by YouTube and many more . when you will click on Dashboard . you will see . but for new channel things  might be empty .

Option Videos/Playlist.

Similarly option video you can click to see the list of your videos and may more options there such as if its Public or private and many more . you may click on individual videos for editing or any kind of changes .
Playlist option , as you know you can make your existing video playlist . By adding similar videos  in a group and give a any kind of name , which is then called it a Playlist.

Option Editor/Analytic .

Here editor option will helps you to edit your videos , it actually helps you add some important features or options to your videos .
By using Editor Option , you may add some of things in the end of your Video such as Subscribe your channel Icon / Playlist /Videos  and more .
These options appears when your video going to be ended then viewer might be interested  on these options to click and then it may takes the viewer to any of those option which depend what he clicked such as playlist or video or subscribe . then viewer might be watch your playlist or video or can be subscribe your channel after clicking on those options . so its helpful . 

Option Analytic helps you to analyze your channel videos viewers /Subscriber live count /watch time hours .it shows the real time activity in more detail.
it shows deep analysis of your channel. such as how many viewers were there on your video /what time were there /likes/dislikes /comments /how was the Audience reaction /how much time they have been watched/ viewers were from YouTube or from External links or from Referral sites or they searched your videos which means how much traffic was organic and how much was not and much more things to see .

Option Monetisation.

this option is for earning option , here has some conditions you have to follow ,as written below .

To get into the YouTube Partner Programme, your channel needs to have 4,000 public watch hours from the last 12 months, and 1,000 subscribers. Your channel will also get reviewed to make sure that it follows ..

After reach above YouTube Policy you will be able to earn .

Video Editing Software References

Below i am giving some references of video editing software , which you may try to use it .
2.Power Director 

Thanks for watching , to get to know more you may check out on below link to see my videos .

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