Traditional with me || Recipe from Himachal India Ambua

Traditional Styled Recipe from Himachal India . Try This 

Traditional Styled recipe made from raw mangoes which i derive in India province Himachal Pradesh .

Mangoes who doesn't know about this fruit , people love to have it in all over the world .But here i am going to talk about the raw organic mangoes . Here very less number of people knows about the curry recipe can be made as well from raw mangoes .
Raw mangoes is kind of half ripe which we used to use to cook it .

These mangoes are very sour and full of citric flavor.Basically people cook this one in the villages during the rainy season in Himachal . Its a completely a traditional styled based on village lifestyle recipe.

Here we can see how these mangoes look alike , as shown below .

After peeling it off the mangoes can see below . how it looks alike .These raw mangoes tastes kind of sour and sweet . it gives mix tastes of sweet and sour . so to cook we need to balance it we usually put some Jagger or sugar in lot of amount to little sweat type taste

It will look alike below after finished the cooking . For more detail . i must say you must watch my video on this .link attached below .


Link for Traditional with me || Recipe from Himachal India Ambua  must watch for detailed and for ingredients , kindly go through the description i given in my YouTube Video.

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