What causes the world could be destroyed or ended ?

There are reasons behind world end or destruction.

what do you think ? lets check it out here .

Nowadays, we have made so much progress that our own power can cause our world destruction
Let us know for what possible reasons the end of the world is possible.
so are we in danger of being erased from universe ? here we can look at the factors below explained that could put us in danger .

Top 5 reasons could be the causes of world end.

1. 3rd World War.

world had suffered from lot of destruction during the previous world war . As we know how much world get destroyed during 1/2nd world war .But in last world war world wasn't so developed with technologies and science were not reached at their highest peak of development.
But currently science has done lot of development . 

Nowadays Science can made and destroy a lot if it will use for the wrong things. Because Science made many things such as Nuclear weapons ,Atom Weapons ,Biological weapons and many more dangerous weapons which wasn't available in previous world war.

So If  3rd world war happened this time , then it could be the end of World.

2. Aliens World.

We listened a lot of stories of about Aliens ,may be you too listened and may watched many videos/movies over the digital media.

We got many proof of Aliens arrivals on earth ,so somewhere  existence of Aliens are true.
So the thing is Aliens always able to reach to our earth but still we never able to find out from where they are operating or from which galaxy they belongs to .

So this things making them also powerful than us.its simple that Powerful things will never come her to make friendship on earth but definitely they can or will attack to take over the control on our earth .
This is also could be reason of world end.

3. Biological Weapon .

We might be heard about Biological weapon during the Corona virus pandemics time . there were in news somewhere that china has develop a biological weapon .
So our concern is if some countries developing Biological Weapons then it could be very dangerous .
it means that human is against human in today's age .
This is could become cause of world destruction in future .

4. Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like human and mimic their actions.
This technology can be dangerous for the human in future . if it went to out of control then it could be dangerous .
Most Popular Scientist Stephen Hawking also said that AI can be dangerous for the world in future . if  it went out of hands of humans then AI might be become fully thinkable as like human and it could create destruction in the world.

5. Natural Disaster/Pandemics .

Its an another possible reasons of world could be ended one day .We are playing a lot with nature such as water contamination because of making polluted water with industrial wastes , killing animals and many things we have playing with nature that is  why nature comes with their disaster .

Natural disaster could be Tsunami/another holocaust/pandemics could also bring the destruction in the world. 
Natural Disaster/Pandemics can bring starvation and many more related diseases which could be cause of world end .

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